Posted on: February 14, 2009 5:12 pm

Is anybody else tired of Bud Selig

Just a question on this is it me or is anybody else tired of Bud Selig with his hiding from the steroid issue in baseball he wants players to admit they were juicign how about you being the leader of the pack Bud and admit that you and the owners not only knew the juicing was going on butactually by you ignoring the issue you condoned it Oh you enjoyed it when Big Mac and Sammy had everybody glued to the game in their hr duel cause everybody loved them and you could get good press with those 2 but when Bonds smashed the record somebody the media and some fans love to hate gets it you do not even want to show up for once Bud show some heart you do the right thing if Arods admission is that upsetting to yo then how are you sleepign at night wth the knowledge of the juice flowing thru baseball

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